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A thank you note from a visitor

By OC Admin, 10/18/19, 1:00PM PDT


Coach Bell and Coach Canchola - thank you!

Hi, Last week Saturday your youth varsity team played the Clackamas Cavaliers. Our daughter plays for the Cavs and we weren’t able to make her game because we took our eldest son on an unofficial visit to OSU. We got stuck in traffic and were late picking her up from the stadium. We felt terrible because we were late coming back and were worried that she would be waiting at the field by herself. While we were on the phone with her, we heard several Oregon City coaches and parents expressing their concern over her still being there so long after the game was done. Several people offered her a ride, and two of your coaches offered to stay back and wait with her to be picked up.

We were over an hour late when we arrived to pick her up and yet when my husband came out to make his apologies he was still met with goodwill and kindness by those two coaches who waited with her. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated the gesture.

Even though she was a player from the opposing team, we were so touched by the fact that two of your coaches chose to remain with her until she was picked up. As parents, that meant so much to us. It truly shows the level of care and good sportsmanship that your coaches, parents and your program possess. Please extend our sincerest gratitude to your coaches for all they do. And share with them our best wishes for the rest of the season - we truly hope it’s a great one - your program and your team deserve it.