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Injury Prevention: Hydration and heat related-related illness.

Information Provided by Providence Sports Therapy

Injury Prevention: Hydration and heat related-related illness.

Proper hydration is vital for safe exercise and is an important part of optimizing your performance. The heat of the summer increases our need for fluid intake during exercise. Hydration helps our body regulate temperature so that we can safely be outdoors and not overheat. Carry a water bottle with you and take small drinks several times over the course of your activity.

The National Athletic Trainer's Association and the American College of Sports Medicine offer guidelines for proper hydration for safety and performance. These can be referenced online.

Before Exercise: Drink 20 oz of water 2-3 hours before exercise and then an additional 10 oz 20 minutes prior to starting your activity.

During Exercise: Athletes should drink 10 oz of fluid for every 20 minutes of exercise, up to 40 oz of fluids per hour of exercise. Consuming drinks with carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes is suggested if exercising for more than 1 hour.

After Exercise: Athletes should drink 20 oz of water or sports drink (depending in exercise duration described above) within 2 hours after completing the activity.

Help hydration and performance by staying cool: Wearing light-colored, wicking fabric is helpful to reduce your body temperature during exercise.

Avoiding heat stroke
Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition that can develop from intense exercise in the heat, where your body temperature is raised to the point that it cannot cool itself. This may cause damage to your brain and internal organs. It is a progression of two other heat-related illnesses: heat cramps and heat exhaustion. If you get muscle cramps, feel lightheaded, dizzy or overheated during exercise, these are signs your body is overheating. It is important to seek a cool area and rest. Drink cool liquids to help you recover. Common symptoms of heat stroke include high body temperature with lack of sweating, confusion, hallucinations, and rapid pulse. These require immediate medical attention.

Misc Health Info

Free Youth Heart Screening
Providence Heart and Vascular Institute (PHVI) is pleased to announce a new free youth heart screenings program called, "Play Smart". Young people with undiagnosed heart defects, especially athletes, are susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest. Often there are no advance signs or symptoms and most routine physical exams will not pick up the defects. An electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) usually is necessary to uncover signs of heart irregularities, something normally not done in "well-child" checks or even some sports physicals. In an effort to protect the hearts of area middle and high school students, Play Smart is offering free painless, noninvasive heart-health checks to youth aged 12-18.

•The screenings are offered every Tuesday (except holidays), 1:00-5:00pm at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Cardiac Diagnostic Center, West Pavilion, 1st Floor.
•Screenings are by appointment only, require a completed heart-health survey and the parent's/guardian's written consent form. Please access the heart-health surveys and consent forms at
•Parent/guardian and the parent must accompany the student to the screening.
•To schedule a screening appointment, please call 503-216-6800.
•Play Smart screenings are free; this is a community service supported by donations so they ask for consideration of donations to keep this service accessible to the community..
Download Flyer: 
For more information visit

Concussion Management Info
Oregon City Youth Football takes concussions seriously. All coaches are required to go through concussion training. Please use the link below to access the Concussion Management website that contains valuable information available for both parents, athletes, as well as for coaches.

Brain Pads

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2) Improves Airflow
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The Brain-Pad has been laboratory tested in 3 separate independent tests and it has proved to reduce lower jaw impact forces to the TMJ & base of the skull as much as 40%. No other Mouth Guards can make this claim.
4) All models fit over Braces
Most braces models are designed to protect the braces not the athlete. Why shouldn't athletes wearing braces have the same superior protection?
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