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Registration Opens May 1, 2022

 3rd-4th* grade rookie or 5th-8th* grade tackle football registration:

Open May 1st through JUNE 16th.


We also have an annual league fundraiser, and as such each player will be required to purchase raffle tickets equaling $60. 

(*entering these grades in the fall of 2022)

Flag Football Registration:

 Open May 1st through July 31st.  

Flag Football - Grades* 1st - 2nd
 $99 per player

Registration is on a first come first serve basis. We also have an annual league fundraiser, and as such each player will be required to purchase raffle tickets equaling $60.

(*entering these grades in the fall of 2022)

Registration Policies

2022 Registration Information:

Registration opens May 1st, with a registration fee of $295.   

There will be the option to make payments toward the registration fee or to register now and later mail payment by check prior to registration closing.  OCYFA will also continue its scholarship program which reduces or waives registration costs for qualifying applicants.  

Multiple Players Family Discount

The Oregon City Youth Football Association offers a family discount of $50 per tackle football player for the second and additional players in a family. The first player to register will pay full price, but other players in the same family will receive $50 off their registration fees. For this benefit, the parent will need to register each player and cover the $295 for each.  After registration, contact the registrar for a $50/player refund.  

It is the intention of the Oregon City Youth Football Association to make every effort to ensure our program is open to all interested members of the community. With this goal in mind, we have created a scholarship application process for existing and prospective members with a special need or consideration for them to participate. Applications are reviewed by the board and will be assessed based upon multiple criteria. We have a limited number of scholarships funds and we regret that we cannot assist everyone who applies for a scholarship, but are making every effort to ensure as many players as possible have an opportunity to play organized football in Oregon City.

All scholarship recipients are required to have parent/family member volunteer a minimum of 10 hours during the football season. This may include assisting in administering club activities by helping with equipment handout, equipment turn in, assisting in the jamboree coordination, coordinating team parents, coordinating team volunteers, field setup and tear down, field greeters, chain gang, etc. Please visit the Volunteering section of our website for additional information on ways to volunteer. Please note, failure to meet these volunteer activity requirements will result in ineligibility for any future scholarship considerations from OCYFA. To apply for a scholarship please complete the Scholarship Application form and follow the directions for submission. Please note that at this time this benefit is only available for tackle players. Applications must be received by June 15th.

OCYFA will take all applications into consideration and will let applicants know their status as soon as possible after the June 15th deadline. Scholarship dollars will depend on different factors including but not limited to money in reserve for scholarships, number of players applying for scholarships, and financial needs of the family. Scholarships cover partial registration fees, reducing the registration fees down to $150. All scholarship recipients are required to pay this remaining registration amount by the same due date applicable to all players (by equipment handout). Any and all unpaid balances from any prior participation in OCYFA must also be paid before this application will be considered. Please ensure your player is registered - sending in a scholarship application form does NOT constitute registration. They must be registered online to be eligible - payment is not required at time of registration, however, you may make payments toward the $150 fee you'll be responsible for so you don't have to pay all of that at once in June/July. If you do not qualify for a scholarship and decide to withdraw from registration at that time, we will issue a refund on payments you may have made.

Football Registration FAQ

How late can I sign up?
Registration for tackle and flag football is open May 1st  - June 15th.  Additionally, please keep in mind that registration is on a first come first serve basis. Due to restrictions that may arise in areas such as, but not limited to equipment, facilities, and coaching staff, some registration categories may close early. We encourage all families to register as early as possible to secure a spot. 

Where do I return my paperwork to?
Oregon City Youth Football Association
PO Box 1942
Oregon City, OR 97045

When do I turn in my Medical Release form?    

We ask that you turn this form in as soon as possible, but certainly no later than July 1st.  A valid medical release must be on file before you can receive your equipment, practice and play.

After you complete registration, the Medical Release form will be available for you to print.  Print the document, which must still be completed and signed by your family doctor to complete registration and receive equipment to play.

Does my Medical Release form need to be signed by a doctor?
Yes and it must be signed on or after February 1st of the current year. You are required to use the form provided along with your registration confirmation, absolutely no substitutes. These are TVYFL rules. The original form is preferred over faxes or copies.

Do I need to turn in my Player Registration form?

NO - The "TVYFL Player Registration/Contract" is now populated in our system as signed thru e-signature. We no longer need you to send this in. Keep this copy attached for your records.

OSAA Physical Examination Form

What do registration fees cover?
Registration fees cover the following types of expenses: TVYFL governance fees, Oregon City field use fees, official/referee fees, rental fees, uniforms and equipment.

Is a payment plan available for registration fees?
A payment plan is available, however, all tackle fees, including registration, fundraising, and equipment deposit, must be paid in full by Equipment Handout, typically held in early/mid July, or the player cannot participate and will not be placed on a team. To take full advantage of the payment plan, meaning to be able to utilize the maximum number of payments, register as early as possible. As the registration period progresses, the number of available payments decreases, given that all payments must be made by the Equipment Handout date. Please note that there is no payment plan option available for registrations after June 1st.

  • Example #1: Family registers May 5th - Fees may be spread out over 3 equal payments
    Payment/Auto-Deduction 1 equaling 1/3 of total registration fee due at time of registration on May 5th
    Payment/Auto-Deduction 2 equaling 1/3 of total registration fee due June 15th
    Payment/Auto-Deduction 3 equaling 1/3 of total registration fee due July 15th
  • Example #2: Family registers after June 15th -  Fees will be spread out over 2 equal payments
    Payment/Auto-Deduction 1 equaling 1/2 of total registration fee due at time of registration on June 15th
    Payment/Auto-Deduction 2 equaling 1/2 of total registration fee due July 15th

Can I pay for my equipment deposit at time of registration?
The $75 equipment deposit must be paid by check or cash (check preferred) at equipment handout. Checks or cash are returned to you, upon prompt return of equipment, typically sometime in November.

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