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The mission of Oregon City Youth Football Association is to develop a character building program that enhances teamwork, good sportsmanship and good citizenship by providing every player with lifelong skills that will encourage them to be a positive example in the classroom and in society.   

Important Information - Player Safety Information

We have some hot days ahead, and we want you to know that we take the health and well-being of our student athletes very seriously.  We monitor the heat index and air quality each day and will notify you via email and social media (Facebook and Instagram) if practices are delayed or cancelled.  We have also trained our coaches in concussion recognition and follow a strict protocol if a concussion is suspected. 

You as the parent and/or guardian play an even more important role in helping keep your player healthy and ready for practice.  Below are some important reminders: 

We need to ensure that all parents and athletes heard the message: DO NOT ADJUST THE AIR BLADDERS INSIDE THE HELMET (do not add or release the air). Our coaches have been trained to fit your player appropriately. If adjustments need to be made, please notify one of the coaches before practice begins so adjustments can be made if needed.  

Staying hydrated and prepared for practice:

The heat of the summer increases the need for fluid intake during exercise.  Before Practice: Drink 20 oz of water 2-3 hours before exercise and then an additional 10 oz 20 minutes prior to starting your activity.  Sodas, high sugar fruit juices, caffeine or energy drinks are NOT recommended!   Coaches will have plenty of water breaks during practice, so ensure your player brings enough to drink.  

When it comes to what to eat before practice, please do not feed your player a large meal before practice.  After a healthy breakfast and lunch, a small snack such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fresh fruit or granola bar before practice is sufficient.

If your player is asthmatic and requires an inhaler, please ensure your player has his/her inhaler readily available and can be accessed easily during practice.  It's also a good idea to give an extra inhaler to your player's coach to have handy if needed.  It won’t do any good if mom or dad have it in the car or left at home! 

Bumps and bruises:  your player will come from practice and will be tired and sore.  This is expected!  Your son/daughter will be using muscles they haven’t used in quite a while.  Bumps and bruises and sore muscles should not prevent your player from missing practice.  However, some bumps hurt worse once at home or the next day.  You know your player better than we do and know when to be concerned.  If you choose to hold your player back from participating in practice, it is still important that they attend the practice session.  Many coaches use water breaks and teaching sessions to learn plays, positions, etc.   

We must also address Covid-19. During the season, if your player shows signs of symptoms of an infectious illness, please keep them home.  We ask that you follow up with your care provider to determine if Covid-19 testing is recommended.  Please keep your coach informed of the situation and reason for missing practice.  Quarantining is no longer recommended for exposure to Covid-19.  Therefore, if your player has been exposed to someone with Covid-19, they can continue to practice unless symptoms develop.   

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